5 Card Poker Rules

One of the most basic and popular forms of poker known throughout the world today, 5 card poker is the game you typically see on television screens. Because it's been around for such a long time, there are some variations regarding the rules, however, the most traditional rules are set out below. The aim of the game is simple, make the best 5-card hand that you can after a single draw, and bet accordingly.

Antes and Blinds

There are two popular ways of playing 5-Card Draw: Ante, and Blinds. The ante method refers to the first way the game was actually played, and it is the most common system utilized within home-based games around the world. In this version, players are asked to place down a pre-determined amount of cash before they are dealt any cards.

In blinds system, the game functions similarly to Texas Hold'em, with only the two players towards the dealer's left being asked to pay money before cards are dealt. The player to the immediate left plays the small blind, whereas the player to his or her lift pays the large blind.

Dealing the Cards

Once all blinds have been paid, or all players have anted, the dealer provides each player, starting with the one on his left, five cards, all facing towards the table. Once all of these cards have been received, the first round of betting can take place. If you're playing using blinds, then you will start with the player to the left of the largest blind, the same as in Texas Hold'em. However, if you're betting using antes, then the betting will start with the player on the dealer's left hand side. In an ante game, the very first player is allowed to check, which means they don't have to bet, and can stay in the game for free.

The Draw Round

When the round of betting is completed, the draw round will take place, starting with the player that is closest to the left of the dealer. If this player is still in the game, they will be allowed to change any number of cards that they choose. A player can keep all of their five cards, or throw away anywhere between one and five cards, having them replaced with cards from the top of the deck.

The Second Round of Betting

Once players have decided how many cards they want to switch out, and have received their new deck, or stick to their original hand, then each player must evaluate what they have, before proceeding to the second, and last, round of betting. Once this round of betting is over, it will be time for the showdown, in the instance that more than one player has decided to stay within the game.

Similarly to nearly every other type of poker, the player who has the best five card poker hand when it comes to showdown will win the final pot. Once the showdown has been finished, the dealer will take back all of the cards, shuffle, and pass the deal to the player at his left.