The Odds of Achieving Certain Poker Hands

There are a number of ways that you can win a game of poker, and all of these methods depend on a combination of the hand that you have, and the hand that your opponents have. For example, although you’re more likely to get a sure win with a Royal Flush, it is possible to win a game with something as simple as a high card. With that in mind many players find themselves wondering what their odds are when it comes to achieving a particular hand. Knowing your odds may push you to pursue a particularly rare hand, or abandon one that is quite common.

Hand Chances of Getting that Hand
Pair 1/2
Two Jacks 1/5
Two Queens 1/6
Two Kings 1/7
Two Aces 1/9
Two Pairs 1/13
Three of a Kind 1/35
Straight 1/132
Flush 1/273
Full House 1/590
Four of a Kind 1/3,914
Straight Flush 1/64,974
Royal Flush 1/649,740

Another set of odds that is worth knowing in poker is your chances of holding a particular hand within the first five hands that you’re dealt. Once again, understanding your odds in these circumstances can be useful when it comes to making a decision on which hands you should play, and which you should avoid.

Hand Odds of Being Dealt that Hand in 5 Cards Number of Ways to Make the Hand
High Card 1/1 1,302,540
One Pair 2.4/1 1,098,240
Two Pair 20/1 123,552
Three of a Kind 46/1 54,912
Straight 254/1 10,200
Flush 508/1 5,108
Full House 693/1 3,744
Four of a Kind 4,164/1 624
Straight Flush 72,192/1 36
Royal Flush 649,739/1 4